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Thread: Triggers 700

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    UPDATE Triggers 700

    hi anyone got an opinion about a Timney trigger against a standard fit to a remmy 700 . as in are they much better thanks gerry
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    The Timney is adjustable for weight of pull, backlash and overtravel the Remington?

    Timney also have an excellent reputation which is more than can be said for the Remington trigger.

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    Hi , ive just got one but wondered if it was worth the trouble putting it on ?

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    I have never swopped one but it cannot be that hard to do. I do use the Timney type and are familar with them though. Did the new trigger not come with intructions?

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    I use jewell but did not fit them myself. All I can say is, if you do not fit them yourself ensure that you cycle unloaded rounds prior to use.

    A friend lightened his Tikka trigger and had some slam fire's that shat us up some what!!!!!!!

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    The Timney will improve the feel of the standard trigger, as will a Rifle Basix, Shilen, Kelby or Jewel unit.

    Fitting is a five minute task, for the careful DIYer.

    Follow instructions, do not ajust too light.......

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    I have a Timney in my Remmy 700. Excellent trigger, far superior to the standard remmy one.

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    i put a timney in my 700, well worth it, an not that hard to do yourself.

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    I have had, and still do, many Remingtons over the years and managed to tune the original triggers with good success Except one !!
    I bought a chrome plated, complete with safety,Timney trigger, adjusted at the factory to 1.5lb, to fit to the awkward rifle that I could not get below 2.5lb, then along came a mate who was quite happy with 2.5lb so I sold it to him.
    As it was a .308 and I had just bought another 30-06 I did not see any point in getting another .308 so if anybody wants a brand new Timney trigger set at 1.5lb which only has had the blister pack opened to read the fitting instructions then it's yours for 85, a considerable saving on what I paid for it.

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    I have and have had Jewell, Timney and Rifle Basix. For long range paper punching, Arnold Jewell cannot be beaten; but when there's a big old stag in the crosshairs, I'm damned if I can tell the difference (or feel the recoil, for that matter). A well set up Remmy trigger is a joy to use.

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