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Thread: Sika Bags?

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    Sika Bags?

    A friend of mine makes Roesacks, expensive but very well made Roesacks. Recently he was approached by a number of hunting/gun shops in Scotland to produce a Sika/Fallow sack. I can only imagine that these would be for Hinds/Does and young deer. Who would want to carry a Sika stag on their back for any great distance?
    Has anyone had any experience with Sika bags, good or bad? Until the initial enquiry I had 'nt thought that such a thing exsisted.

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    I personally have never heard of a sack to carry Sika in, and having shot many sika over the years and dragged more than I wanted to, to carry a Stag any distance would sap the strength of most average sized men. Even after the rut a mature highland Sika can weigh anything between 85lb to 110lbs we shot one 3 years ago that weighed 170lbs, and it was not a hybrid either.

    Carrying that weight in a sack on your back is going to be uncomfortable, if you can manage it over uneven terrain and hills. Hinds and calves are easier and could be put on your back, but even a good Sika hind will go about 60lbs or more.

    If you can drag it all the better, if not I would use my 450 Honda quad, no use straining yourself if the machinery is there to be used, and as I am now past the tarzan stage of my stalking career I prefer to make carcase extraction as easy as possible.

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    I have a fallow sack from Jagersport.
    It will take one fallow buck or two roe deer.
    It can be a nightmare to get the sack on your back and carry the beast out but the terrain does not permit dragging the deer or quad.
    One advantage is that it keeps you fit.
    The leather straps take about two years to break in


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    I dont know about keep you fit, but personally it will not do your back any good. A great many stalkers have done themselves an injury by trying to lift heavy loads, it is not sensible to carry excesive loads over long distances.

    I still drag, I cannot carry a full grown Sika over a long distance, especially in areas of Scotland with uneven terrain. Argo cats and quads are there to be used, if not a Garron.

    Age catches up with all of us in the end, and no deer is worth your health, or sustaining a perminant injury to your back or knees.

    If you have youth on your side that is fine, but age will catch up with you in the end, and your health is worth more than any deer!!

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    Yeap I know the feeling! I've just been out looking at some land, went into the wood and slipped in some mud and crunch aggrivated an old rugby injury in my knee.
    Plus not one deer to be seen anywhere, limped out of the wood and saw two muntjac, a buck and a doe. They were about 80 metres away, happy as you like. I whistled at them, not a movement from them. I shouted 'Oi ' at them. I shout 'Oi ugly fluffers', nothing, didn't even look up! Eventually they sauntered off into another meadow. It would have been worth the pain of carrying them back with a knackered knee if I had of brought my rifle, o and of course had permission on the land!
    Funny chap the owner, keeps asking me over to look at the deer damage, although he isn't sure he wants me to shoot the deer on his land, but keeps telling me to get permission from his neighbour to shoot on his land, as he thinks the deer are coming over from his neighbours side of the fence. His neighbour doesn't want the deer shot on his land either. Talk about passing the buck! (No pun intended)

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    Here's a solution to difficult deer extraction. I was hunting Botswana with only the Tracker called Sunday, no guide/PH (it was great). We could not get vehicles in to where we shot the impalas. The answer is a fence pole and belt. Carried out African style slung under the pole like the old Tarzan movies until we got to the road. The only problem is I'm about 8" taller than Sunday so the impala kept slippin down towards him. Also you need a pad for your shoulder.


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