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Thread: (30.06 ) 3 week FAC process N. Ireland

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    (30.06 ) 3 week FAC process N. Ireland

    sumitted my renewal about 3 weeks ago and asked for a 30.06 barrel to be added along with another variation. I was very surpirsed to get a letter stating that in principle all has been approved. They have a new fast track scheme in place now for the more serious shooting people. good work keep it up.

    so if anyone has a sauer 202 barrel in 30.06 they dont use anymore drop me a PM.


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    That is good. I know someone in N Ireland who put in for a renewal and variation a month ago and he was told at th etime to expect it to take around nine months!!

    He did recieve a letter allowing him to purchase ammo though.

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    How come yours takes between a year and two years less than the rest of us? Are you a member of some lodge or club that we can all join? :-)

    Well done on that, it would certainly be good news if they are going to try and do things a little faster as a year or two years really is unreasonable. However, don't get too excited until you actually have the certificate in your hand but I'm keeping the fingers crossed for you.

    I'm frightened to change anything on mine as I take it to Scotland a few times in the year and need the certificate to travel with it, I can't afford for them to sit on it for two years.

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    my FLO mentioned that they have committed internally to trying to turn around regular applicants in under 12 weeks. in the past there was no consistancy to the processing time, i had a .223 granted and in the cabinet within 5 weeks of submitting the application, a one on one off for a .17 took me 4 months last year. in general i have found them approachable , i called on the phone and said i was working in inverness and if they could push through the application for the 223 i could collect it from mccleouds when over. the guy in lisnasharragh told me to call in the next afternoon.

    one other thing that i raised with them was my .17hmr is listed as a .17REM, they said that this was how they filled out the FAC and not to worry about it. Someday i might try the .17REM


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    No, there is no special treatment. The guys in Lisnasharragh have had a "lean" business review and revised their processes. My buddy went in for his 5 year renewal with a plus one for a 22RF. Had the lot back in his hand in 22 days.

    Only problem is that if you have an application in before Christmas I am told they are going through the old methods and will take a few months to clear.

    3-4 week variations and renewals was always the expectation when we had the blue books before computerisation....

    Anyway, lets hope they keep it up as I am in the mood for a few changes. Think I will get an HMR then.....

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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