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Thread: MOA accuracy for $549!

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    MOA accuracy for $549!

    Hi All

    I've just come back from a business trip in the States and as always I buy a few hunting magazines to see whats happening in the US hunting scene.

    I came across a review on a new Thompson rifle which I thought would interest a few people so have scanned and attached below.

    In a nut shell Thompson have put together a rifle quite capable as its seems to challenge the Tikka T3 for change out of $549. At the current exchange rate that equates to 366!

    When will it land on our shore, should be a hit in theory? Enjoy


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    What it costs there and here will be totally different !


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    And they will be makeing a good profit on that too.

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    It'll cost 549 minimum, there's no currency exchange rate on imports or so it seems.
    That and because only Chinese imports aren't hit with heavy import duties and custom fees, HMRC will push the price up even if the importer doesn't want to.
    Rip-off Britain isn't just a tabloid fiction.

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    I saw these advertised the other day on one of the Norwegian websites, they're selling over here for 4990 kr (540) for the normal and 5490 kr (595) for the camo version. Haven't seen one in the flesh, so can't comment on build quality etc. but they're definitely competitively priced, will be interesting to see how they take off and if they are any issues.

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    My main concern on your side of the pond would be longevity. T/C has introduced and dropped several models in the last 20 years. They produce a fine weapon (I'm still looking for a T/C Classic 22LR, used) but for some reason they don't catch on. I'd hate to hang my hopes on good gun/badly marketed then discontinued. ~Muir

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    How does this new rifle compare to the Icon? The Thompson Icon looks good on paper but I've never seen one in the flesh because they are so horrendously expensive in this country.

    Thompson actually make some quite good guns, a friend has a .22 semi auto made by Thompson and it's a very good rifle apart from the verry slim wrist of the stock.

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    I looked at a couple of Contenders as it looks like a good design, trouble is it is let down by a plastic magazine IMO.



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    Isn't the contender a single shot break action ?

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    It is. I have one in Hornet.~Muir

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