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Thread: Sako / GMK "Special Order"

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    Sako / GMK "Special Order"


    I have a Sako 85 in 6.5 x 55, which I'm very happy with. I have a slot for a 7mm Rem Mag and was thinking about getting another 85.

    I've spoken to my local dealer who has a GMK account. He looked on the computer for a 7mm RM. Apparently there are none at GMK's UK warehouse at the moment. I can order one through my dealer but because there are none in the UK it would be a "Special Order", the waiting time for which could be nine months. I have heard other dealers say the same thing.

    I don't really want to wait nine months. I'd probably go down the custom route instead.

    Does anyone have any experience of this. I wonder if my dealer is getting bad service from GMK or whether this is the norm. I don't want to go eslewhere but does anyone think I might get one quicker if I went to another shop.



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    I waited 6 months for my sako 85 in 243 my mate bought the same rifle a while later and it was delivered in 3 days

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    Very nice one on guntrader at the moment for 2700, might be worth a look. As for GMK, afraid they run on an alternative time system, If they are quoting 9 months delivery you might as well forget it. It makes me laugh how they can run businesses like this, If you wanted a part for a tractor/oil rig/helicopter/printing press etc you wouldn't wait nine months for it, it would be delivered from the other side of the world within days, yes there would be a cost to that but how much can that be to send a 10kg parcel? JC

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    Thanks for your replies.

    I am begining to think I might be better off going down the custom route if the wait for a Sako is 9 months. I agree that it is difficult to see how GMK can operate in that way. I believe the 7 mm Rem mag is something like the 3rd most popular deer calibre in the US, so Sako must be making them for shooters in the States. I can't believe they can't swing one over here quicker than nine months.

    JC - is it the Brock and Norris custom job on Guntrader?



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    Quote Originally Posted by Dovebob View Post
    JC - is it the Brock and Norris custom job on Guntrader?
    Thats the one I noticed. JC

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    I've dropped you a quick PM about that rifle on Guntrader.



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    I had to phone around for the Tika I bought recently. I had two RFD's tell me a similar thing quoting up to six months from placing the order with GMK.

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    It's quite simple they have no competition same goes for Edgar Bros..... they know if you want it you'll have to wait until they decide to do something about it..

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    I once ordered a 300 win mag s/s 75 and after a year you should of heard the storys they came out with ,one was he was going over to the factory and would fetch me 1 back ??? but after 15 month i gave in and cancelled the order.

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    If you get service like that Vote with your and go elsewhere. I would drop Sako a mail though just saying how much you liked their product its just a shame you are not able to buy one

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