Diseases in Deer 8th March Ken Bridge Hotel 7.30pm.
The South West Scotland Branch of the British Deer Society will host a presentation by Dr John Fletcher on the 8th March at the Ken Bridge Hotel, New Galloway commencing at 7.30pm. John is the leading authority and author on diseases in deer in Europe and is the only recognised deer vet in the UK. John has a herd of over five hundred animals in a commercial deer farm and as well as being the recognised expert on deer health he is also a recognised expert on deer in captivity. John will give a presentation of diseases in deer and show the post mortem results of those diseases by way of a PowerPoint presentation and will also introduce his work on antler growth and malformed heads. Cost 2.50p. Non members will be made most welcome. Ken Bridge Hotel is situated on the A713 at the junction with the A712. Bar and food available.