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Thread: Me & uncle malcolm

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    Me & uncle malcolm

    Im the good looking 1 on the left [img][/img]

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    I've looked left of everywhere and I still can't see a good looking one

    Unless you mean the one in the fur coat with the antlers and cheeky smile, no, no found you next to Delboy, right?


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    Hi JAYB
    I think your rite mate. the 1 in the fur coat is the best looking out the lot.
    It was funny that day because Andy(Tikka308) couldnt understand a thing me a Malcolm were on about when we started talking .... I speak the queens english just like uncle Malc does
    Do you like my Fester impression in the pic

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    jayb he only keeps putting this photo on to upset me i have been doing well out of renting it out to farmers to hang in there sheds to keep the rats out .of course i cut it in half i didnt mean you uncle malc.

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