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Thread: semi custom 6br, with s type redding dies,brass,kelby rings

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    semi custom 6br, with s type redding dies,brass,kelby rings

    new remmington stainless 700 action
    jewell trigger with top safety
    Pillar bedded into a very comfortable McMillan Lazzeroni thumbhole stock
    Border Barrels. Border Archer barrel 22", Rem Varmint profile, fluted, screw cut 5/8ths UNF. Barrel which is 1 in 10 twist.
    the rifle is shorter throated to suit bullets in 70-90gn range. but 58gn Vmax sit on the lands with ease. very accurate 1st reloads where 0.5 group at 150 metres so left it at that.
    it will come with Kelby bases. and redding s type dies and brass
    bargain price only fired around 300 rounds . save yourself a wad of dosh on a new build price.
    1295 any trail welcome

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    Very interested, can you give me your phone no and will give you a call.


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    still for sale guys this rifle is in superb condition and very accurate

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