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Thread: bit of a project

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    bit of a project

    im planning to build myself a .220 swift for roe and fox (im in scotland) and i was planning using an older sako action would anybody be able to tell me if an a11 or an a111 would work with this caliber?

    cheers fly.

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    I used this calibre for several years. Not going to debate the pros and cons as it will go on for ever (happy to give you my thoughts by message when I get five mins) but, biggest problem with a build in this calibre will be finding an action with the correct bolt face and making sure that the rimmed rnds will feed correctly out of whatever mag system you use. Totally agree with your choice of sako action if you can find one but I suspect it will be easier to find a Rem 700 (now going to wash my mouth out with soap!) JC

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    thanks ill look forward to hearing from you

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    Sako chambered the L579 (an A2 in all but name) in 220 Swift. A friend had one, which fed perfectly.

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    I used a 22-250AI for several years. 3% larger case capacity than Swift so virtually identical performance.
    Standard action length and bolt face and ammo easily fireformed from standard 22-250 brass.
    Perhaps worth considering.

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