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Thread: Unaccompanied hinds next season

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    Unaccompanied hinds next season

    Good evening all.

    I may seem a little keen. Nothing wrong with that hopefully!

    Myself plus another chap usually get a week's worth of Red and Sika hind stalking in up north in the highlands and Sutherland during the first couple of weeks of the hind season. Unfortunately the chap who we usually visit has not renewed the lease on his forestry block and so we're looking for an alternative.

    We've both managed to stalk for years without a DSC but we'll both have taken the DSC1 assessment before we travel up north. We are both members of BASC.

    I'd greatly appreciate it if some of you good folk could help me find a new spot and maybe point me in the direction of someone you may know if you can't help directly.

    Thank you all very much.


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    Contact Neil Gavin off here!


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    Thanks Alex. I'll try and get in touch.


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