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    Mate of mine is looking into getting a 25-06 and has the variation in with the police now (could be some time so he is looking now so in no rush).

    Would ideally like a Tikka 695 or a Sako

    Unfortunately would seem to have missed the one on here recently which was pretty much perfect!

    Apart from guntrader does anyone know where such a rifle may be sourced. Theres a smart Sako wood and stainless but it might be a bot out of budget


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    i have a sako 75 stainless /synthetic with a s+b 8x56
    screw cut and a set of rcbs dies i could move on
    pm for more info

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    Just taken possession of a SAKO 75 Hunter, awesome 1/2 " group first time out !
    Much less felt recoil than my 270 Finnlight
    cheers FlyBoy270

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    Steve Beaty had a nice Tikka T3 Hunter in 25-06 for sale mate...........I bought a 25-06 off him a few months back and he was very good to deal with.

    PS - I have no connection to him what so ever.

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