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Thread: sportsman exeter

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    sportsman exeter

    Sportsman exeter buy litts. good or bad ?

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    Well if they do i dont think it could be a bad thing Ive delt with sportsman quite a lot in the past & can only give them praise for the service ive received. Always been very helpful to me so yeh, It would be good in my eyes

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    They have secured the deal, annouced earlier this week in the shooting press.

    I have dealt with Sportsman face to face and via phone and internet.

    Face to face is fine if you avoid the weekends, far too busy then and they are rushed of their feet in the Exeter shop.

    Phone is OK but can be a bit hit and miss.

    Website not great, they take the money straight away even if item not in stock and it can then be a bit of chasing around to get things sorted.

    As for being good to the general shooter, time will tell. It will make them the biggest retailer in the country by some margin and they may start messing around with pricing. It will also push smaller outfits so some may suffer and small local shops could fold with this pressure and the state of the general economy.

    Only time will tell I guess.

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    I have dealt with them a couple of times, only on a mail order basis, but they have treated me well and I have no complaints. Lets hope they do not turn into a Tesco or some such and start pushing the small man out, if they did they would get no more of my trade.


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    Bought a few rifles from Sportsman when they were in Paignton. Always pleasant to deal with. Also were quick with quotes by email so I guess they'd get my vote. Moved a bit far north for them now though

    Talking of Exeter... Is the gunshop in Heavitree is going? Bought my first two rifles from them. And is Doug Brailey still knocking around?

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    The Gun & Sport Shop in Heavitree is still going, used to go to school just around from there and spent far too many lunch breaks hanging around in the shop.

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    i don't use the sportsman much any more ,as i hav a mate who recently started up his on small shooting goods outlet ,
    the sportsman, among others ,are one the wholesalers he uses , since litts went up the wall so hav the trade prices ,about 20%
    got to pay for the new shop now i suppose,
    good luck to them ,hope they are able to keep giving the discounts

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    Rumour has it that they are bigger than Litts were -surprised me but then they've bought Litts so must have some serious funding behind them although they will have got it for a decent discount.

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    dealt with them online and face to face a southern counties nothing but praise for them very polite and helpfull and you get some good deals .

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