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Thread: leatherman sheath

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    leatherman sheath

    just been given a leatherman wave by the better half for my birthday ,inscribed with my name .very nice i hear you say ,yes but have you seen the crappy sheaths they supply ,when i looked into it i found the all leather ones have been discontinued , so gentlemen i dont suppose any one has a spare or any ideas as where i could aquire one cheers nemo

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    Try ebay thats where i got mine !!

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    The original leather leatherman pouches are fantastic, I had one on my belt for about the last ten years, really good simple design. You could contact Mark at he's made a couple of things for me which I am very happy with. In fact, now I come to think about it, maybe I will get him to make a replacement leatherman pouch in the same style as the original. JC

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    Ash on here would probably make one.
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