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Thread: Something for the knife collectors out there, my new Geoff Hague

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    Something for the knife collectors out there, my new Geoff Hague

    Hi All

    I thought I would post something a little different which I hope will appeal to those who are interested in knives past there functional purpose as like rifles, knives can become a work of art and reflect the best in craftsmanship and quality materials.

    So nearly 2 years since ordering at the 2009 Knife Fair I have just taken delivery of my new Geoff Hague fixed blade knife.

    Hope you enjoy the pictures.

    For those interested spec is:

    Blade: ATS34 Stainless resistant steel, rockwell C61/62 hardened.
    Handle: Desert Iron Wood.

    Don't worry I do intend to use it in the field and it will compliment my current Geoff Hague knife which has already seen regular service since its purchase.

    Are there any other collectors on the forum? If so please feel free to post a picture of your knife, after all it makes a change from the usual gun p**n.



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    That really is a beautiful knife and I'm sure it will give you many years of pleasure.

    I've just started putting together my own knives and I have to say it's a very satisfying hobby. The quality of Geoff Hague's work really shows a true craftsman.

    Many thanks for posting the photos.

    O wad some Power the giftie gie us to see oursels as ithers see us!

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    A beautiful knife indeed, and the sheath looks really good too. I especially like that articulation in the sheath hanger.
    The front quillon could be a bit bigger but then that might spoil the line of the blade.

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    One thing Jason and that is you or anybody else probably wont find another knife like that.
    Dont take this the wrong way but i`m not a great fan of Hague`s work.
    Saying that i`m not a great fan of any of the Uk`s familier top custom makers and thats why i purchased my knife from a guy in Montana.
    As i was in no rush for a knife i made a detailed search of the internet and came up with two names.
    I contacted both and discussed my requirements. It was a knife maker called JD Barth who made mine.
    Damascuss acid etched steel, Presentation Grade Desert Ironwood handle, Mosiac pins and file work of the back bone of the blade. As well as a superbly made welted sheath.
    Just a shame i had to purchase something like this from outside the UK.

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    Well, well Scarlet i thought you were one of the good old boys with your silver taped trousers and your hazel sticks and victorinox knives. Now i see you are just a knife tart .

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    Hi Scarlet

    I think I've just been out knived, beautiful now tempted to order one myself.

    What sort of cost and leadtime if you don't mind me asking (PM if preferred).



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    The lead time may vary Jason you`d have to contact JD Barth yourself but i recall i waited a couple of months for mine.
    Just looking through the paper work now dated September 02 along with the cetificate of origin and personal letter off JD.
    Over 9 years i have only used this knife on a handfull of occasions and the reason for that is that the blade (3") is`nt quite long enough for what i need.
    I`v advertised it for sale on several occasions without success i think its the cost that puts folk off,lol.
    I`ll pm you the details of cost Jason

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    Not as good as the Puma white hunter though is it Scarlet?

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    The mention of that rusty antiquated piece will send shivers down the spine of our JayB, 308boy
    I made a pact with him via the private message service never to mention that silly old fools (*T*`s) choice of cutelry again,lmao.
    Then you go and do it

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    I still think that Alan Wood makes the best knives in the uk.

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