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Thread: lee perfect powder measure vs lee safety scale

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    lee perfect powder measure vs lee safety scale

    weighed/measured some powder last night for the first time.

    calibrated the scale to zero first, did the calc on the mass/volume of powder and set the measure.

    set the scale to the amount desired (37 gn)

    the quantity delivered was quite a bit lower than what i was expecting, didnt actually weigh it but it didnt balance the scale.

    tweaked it up a couple of notches to get the correct amount according to the scales (even if recalced at this measurment off the measure, still under maximum value, calcs back to 39gn) so i presume i'm still within safe limits??

    i presume the safety scale is much more reliable than the powder measure?

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    I binned the Lee Perfect Powder Measure.

    First use, I set it up, charged a handful of cases, I then out of curiosity tested every 2nd load to check consistancy, it fluctuated. Wasn't happy with that so I then weighed every load, all were different.

    By luck, I then discovered why, the pivot on it, had been damaged (not visable) some how, my powder was coming through the outer case where it pivots (black plastic bit about the size of a 2p) of the Perfect powder measure.

    I now measure every load electronically. Will pick up a Lee Powder Dipper set at the CLA though, meant to be a "Gift" to use, I will then check consistance again with those, hopefully it will be OK

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    i weighed all 5 loads after getting it set, all were same.

    just the scale reading is not aligned with what it delivers, or the powder mass/volume factor is not correct??, i suppose its a bit like having the temp written on your central heating stat, your house is not actually going to be at that temp, its just a scale to read up and down against.

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    Ignore calculations to set the powder measure, do it the way you have and when you get it at the right setting, ie correct weight, then use your calipers to measure the length of the adjuster, make a note of this and you have a record for future reference. That of course will only apply to that powder, different powder will be a different measurement. Lots of records to keep

    TJ I use the Lee dippers, much easier and more convenient to use.


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    powder wieghts

    I use both methods, the scales and the perfect powder measure. i drop the powder into the scales dish and adjust until i get it right. once the measure is right i check every 10 loads and i have found it very accurate. i don't use the calibration thing on the screw in plunger. i just adjust until it throws it right.


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    Agree with most of above. Personally I weigh all powder on the Lee scales, as previous checks show irritating fluctuations with the powder measure. Also make sure you check the scale is calibrated perfectly before each loading session. I did not once and had to start all over again as all rounds were coming up very light......grrrrrr

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    I had both, Measure and Scales. Took me about an hour to get the right ammont of powder. But it fluctuated qiuet a bit and scales didn't seem too clever either. Sent them both back and am now looking for a set of RCBS 505 scales. The dealer I bought them off has lent me a set and they are a lot easier to read.

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    my that was a long time ago!! now use redding br30 powder thrower and digital scales. once load is sorted the br30 just dials in every time, use it for h380, h4895 and blc2. it chops the h4895 nicely.

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    had to run 3 hopperfuls of h322 through lee powder thrower to stop static, even then there were slight variences when checking against scales, 22gr=1.6vmd. found out that if you tap disc on side of filling lever when thrower is in the fill position and again when emptying into case that there is very little difference when checking against scales.

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    I am amazed at the reliance on the VMD in earlier posts. This is just a guide line. Different lots and densities will change weight. Tossing a measure because it tosses charges of "different" weights is silly. They will always be different. Callie has the method down. Many hopper style measures have a weighted "knocker" you pick up and drop against the side of the housing to perform that same task you do with a tap.

    It it this inaccuracy in measures that dictates the rule that you never throw maximum, or near maximum, charges straight from the hopper.~Muir

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