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Thread: moderator calibre

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    moderator calibre

    I have a slot on my ticket for a 243 moderator . Could I infact part ex and upgrade it to 30 calibre moderator which I could use on my 308.

    Atb Steve

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    The T8 moderator supplied by RFD for my .243 is stamped as "30 cal" so is suitable for both any way. It is written on my ticket as "make unknown". If you are talking about part ex and upgrade it to 30 cal, in terms of what goes on your FAC, in Kent, I understand from my FEO that it should be a free variation. If you want to use a moderator on your 308 and your 243AI you must ensure that you have the moderator condition written on your ticket for both rifles. That may or may not be seen as a free variation as it would seem that interpretation could be that you are requesting another slot. Not my interpretation but that of an FEO!
    Hope that makes sense Steve?

    Kind regards

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    Worlds gone mad, surely he can buy the 30 cal mod on a 1 for 1 then use it on his 243 as well. At the end of the day the police would prefer 1 mod to 2. I guess I have learned something today from the sound of it.

    Be aware though that the noise reduction using a 30 cal mod on a smaller caliber will be somewhat reduced.


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    Milly/Fred has got it right. I'm not sure on the costs either as I did it at renewal - but neither changing rifles or mods at renewal didn't cost me anymore.

    I use a 30 cal mod on my 223 and 308 with no noticeable difference (ASE)

    Legally, my FLO told me that the mod is down on my ticket as for the .308, but I still need to have the .223 mod slot available on my ticket in order that I am allowed to use the same mod on my .223.
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    I have a 22.250 adn added mod for it. The mod I bought is a PEZ muzzle can which is suitable to 6.5 x 55 possibly 308 but not 100%. No where on the mod does it say what cal it is suitable for. It was purchased and added to the ticket without issue. My 6.5 x 55 also had mod on ticket, I bought a T8 which is suitable for 308, added no problem. I dotn think you haeva n issue here. Buy the one you want and add it to ticket.

    I guess the question is if you dont have a mod for 308 on your ticket and you used the 243 mod on the 308(even though it is suitable) could there be an issue? I would check that one.

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