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    first timer

    hello all
    Have noticed that there is not a lot of stalking stories of late so i though i might tell of what happened on Sunday.
    had a chap coming with me for his first stalk ,know the chap very well as he is a gun on the syndicate that i am a keeper on, so arranged to meet him at 6 am (hard work after not getting back in from foxing till 2.30 that morning) for a chat and a coffee,moved up to the wood at about 6.30 got out the truck got loaded up and ready to go, moved off down the first field to wards the wood got to the bottom of the field to the gate, Had a quick spy with the binos to see 9 fallow grazing on the edge of the wood some 600 yards away. got over the gate moved down the track to the wood along the edge of the wood to about 120 yards got tucked in under the hedge but the chap could not get a good shooting position so we moved to within 70 yards of the deer i had one last selection of the deer picked the one i wonted him to shoot and let him get on with it watching through my binos i waited for the crack of my 308 to let rip thembooom the deer all ran away from the wood up the Field then down goes the one he shot dead as a door stop job done he reloaded quick and we waited a bit to make sure it was ok, soon the mean time we congratulate each other and i ask do you wont another he said he was happy with this one ok no prob just pass me the rifle please as he did the deer came back down the field to about 50 yards out i put the cross hairs on the other one i wonted to take out and booom down went the second one proper job done, rang the keeper picked us up and the deer back in the larder all sorted out and drinking tee in the keepers house by 7.30 what a morning
    hope you enjoyed my account of the morning stalk
    so all the best gerald

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    Nice account Gerald

    Any pics


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    yes hope to have some pics when the chap sends me them in the email will post them as soon as thay come

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    nice when it all goes to plan good write up gerald .
    regards pete .

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    the pics that i promised
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    Great read Gerald,well done both.Cant see the pics though
    ATB Andy

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    Quote Originally Posted by wint View Post
    Great read Gerald,well done both.Cant see the pics though
    ATB Andy
    I don't think pics are working at the moment.

    Can't view the gallery either.
    "It's halfway down the hill, directly below that tree next to a rock that looks like a bell-end"

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    sorry dont know what has gone wrong any help needed

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