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Thread: stalking for beginers

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    stalking for beginers

    hi guy's. right not done deer stalking before but have many years of shooting under my belt. i,m sitting my dsc1 at the moment and in the process of applying for my sgc and fac and have insurance.the problem is the fao is not allowing me a dear gun as i have no where to shoot it(not a problem with 17hmr and 22/250). so i need some where to get a letter with permission i know it will cost and thats not a problem, i,m willing to pay up front for how ever many times i have to go. so i,m looking for some where thats good for a beginer and with someone who is willing to teach not just shove me in a high seat.cheer stav

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    I take it 'Steel city' is Sheffield?

    Yorkshireroestalking on here only an hour and a half away.

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    yes sheffield.cheers

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    yes mate as above john robson yorkshireroestalking will put you on the right track

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    I can highly recommend John at Yorkshire roe stalking. He will put you in the right direction. Good Luck, FM.

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    If you are a member of BASC they have stalking on offer to members in Thetford and Arran. You need to have your own deer rifle to take part as a member, if thats not a reason i dont know what is.
    Good luck

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    yes i am a member of basc and i will have a look into that root, but will be giving yorkshire roe stalking a ring next week.thanks for the replys stav

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    Hi mate I'm in Barnsley and had the exact same issue only a couple of months ago,booked a day with John at Yorkshire Deer Stalking got a letter from him explaining that I have a day booked on xxxx land,submitted this with my variation for a .243 and bingo .243 no problem ,went on my first day stalking with my own rifle and got another day booked for monday the 28th,can highly reccomend him top bloke.
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