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Thread: Shot placement and carcasses?

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    Shot placement and carcasses?

    I generally try to take a shot 1/3 up and right behind the shoulder. If iy's a trophy, or near thick brush or a property line I will try to take out at least one shoulder. I trealize that dogs are required in the UK and wounded deer are usually found. This is not always the case where I hunt as we have thick brush and can't cross fences. I am not a fan of head or neck shots. I know that carcasses are sold in the Uk. What is considered a ruined carcass? What would be the price of an average roe or muntjac? Also, I love deer liver, are 'organs' sold also? thanks, capt david

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    If you knock the shoulder out on a roe or a muntie there is no problem most roe here were i am sell for a pound a pound so thats normaly 35 a deer. ruined is hit in the main joints or a shot through the gut that taints the good meat. Saddle and haunches do not hit them but the rest is scrap lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by captdavid View Post
    I trealize that dogs are required in the UK and wounded deer are usually found.
    capt david

    Although Best Practice says that the stalker should have access to a deer dog, it's not strictly accurate to say that "dogs are required."

    Most stalkers will have a dog that can be used for tracking wounded deer, but I can think of only a couple of times in the last 10 years when I've needed to use the dog I take stalking, in both cases for muntjac that had been gut shot. One nice buck was recovered for the client the next day, the other doe was sadly never found. That said, I personally wouldn't want to go stalking without a dog.

    Be aware that certainly some, if not all, commercial stalkers will charge for a wounded beast.

    As 6pointer says, a ruined carcass is typically one where it's been gut shot and the meat is tainted, a raking shot that has taken out the backstraps and/or the haunches, etc. Some stalkers will charge for the whole carcass, others will charge only for the proportion that's ruined.

    So far as the liver, kidneys, etc. these are often referred to as the "stalker's perks", since the stalker gets them even if he's sold the carcase itself to the game dealer. What you need to do is find a stalker who either doesn't like them, or who shoots enough deer that both his freezer and his dogs are already full.

    If you're the sort of person who likes to eat the liver raw and bloody, rather than cooked, you might just want to warn the stalker first - don't laugh, it's happened

    BTW, your normal shot placement will work perfectly well over here. I tend to go for halfway up the body for boiler room shots, but we're talking shooting under field conditions here not bench rest, so whether a 1/3 or a 1/2 is largely academic, certainly on smaller species like roe and muntjac (cue more argumentative emails ).

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    I wouldn't sweat details like this, in the overall cost of a trip, a bit of carcass damage is neither here nor there as long as the beast died humanely.

    As the lads have said, shoulders on the small deer are worthless anyway, and I am sure you would be welcome to all the liver you can face.

    Just keep the shot forwards and below the mid line and it will be fine. Keep the shot out off the guts, saddle and hind quarters.

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    Shoulder shots should not make much difference to price received for a carcase whilst saddle or haunch damage will
    reduce the price paid so much that the carcase is not worth selling.

    My game dealer is now classing everything where the spine is damaged as saddled regardless of how far forward [apart from the neck]

    Most of us take pride in producing a clean well prepared carcase and personally I will not sell a carcase that has been saddled or haunched.

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    Hi CaptDavid
    I use the dreaded ballistic tips in my .308, usually Norma 150grain factory ammo.
    Even if they hit the shoulder they don't do too much damage, they'll break the bone sure as there's **** in a hound, but they do less damage than the 85grain hollow points I used for my .243
    I've never had a carcass turned down for damage, yet, some dealers are fussier than others though.
    A gut shot will get a carcass turned down for sure though.

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