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Thread: Thanks to Benc.

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    Thanks to Benc.

    Benc kindly invited me for a day's stalking with him in Somerset yesterday. Although I've done a reasonable amount of roe stalking before, it's mostly been along hedgerows or from high seats. We spent the day stalking through woodland on foot, which was a rare experience for me. We finished up with two does, although we saw a lot of deer including a very nice 6 pointer buck.Thanks for a great day, Ben. I'll be in touch about getting you and the Roedinator up here for a muntjac in the spring.
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    Rupert, If you get the opportunity try and get down there in the late spring or even late summer.
    The wood you stalked is a haven of natural vegetation and the flowers give off the most wonderful scent, it is worth the stalk for that alone.

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    glad you had a good day with ben
    catch up soon regards pete .

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    Eddie, it was a very nice bit of ground and I can imagine it would be well worth an unarmed visit later in the year. There were a few walkers about even though the weather wasn't great; the gralloching was done very discretely, wouldn't wanted to have made the front page of the local rag!

    Pete, will look forward to it. I'll give you a call about a trip up here in April or May.
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    Hi Rupert, glad it was something different for you, it was a pleasure to take you out. Glad you got a couple and the second doe was certainly a good cull with the aladdin's slippers and the lump on her jaw.look forward to a trip away later in the year, you can drive Pete!

    Eddy we're weren't at work this time, we started more improvement in there today since the end of the game season, it.should be a lot better again this year.

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    Wow, If you can improve on what it was like last time I was down I'd love to come again just for the 'Sniffy'

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    After my last post I think I ought to explain a little before anybody gets the wrong idea
    Ben is fortunate to have a Boss that has woodland that has been left to grow wild and he he has no intention of using any artificial fertilizers or human intervention other than letting Ben do a bit of tidying up here and there to facilitate a few pheasants.
    Unfortunately I do not know the names of the variouse flowers and plants that I saw but the different smells as I walked around were absolutely fantastic.
    There was the usual Honey suckle, bluebells, wild garlic and the smell of rotting wood all intermingled with the aroma from other plants. With the sound of the stream in the background as well it was truly magical. (and that was before I ate the mushrooms )
    It was so magical, I expected to see Fairies around the corner but all we saw were Deer

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    Eddie, did you see the sculpture of the bear? Takes you a bit by surprise when you spot it through the trees without any warning....

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    Yes I did, the whole place is most unusual but then there aren't many people Like Ben's Boss is there.
    I still can't get over the woodland aroma tho' it was heavenly.
    I bet the woodland aroma must draw Deer from wide and far, we certainly saw plenty.
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