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Thread: Problem with new mobile site

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    Problem with new mobile site

    Hi, when receiving emails to subscribed threads, the html links in them won't work, when i click on them in my email account on my iPhone I get an error message and the page doesn't load up.

    Also, is there a way you can choose not to view the mobile site on your mobile and instead access the regular Internet version?


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    Yes, click the 'Full Site' link at the bottom of the page and you'll get the normal layout.

    It's still in beta really. If it's going to cause problems I might disable it until Vbulletin have sorted some of the bugs!

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    Ok, thank you for the fast reply.

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    have you disabled the mobile site or is it my blackberry playing up?
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    Quote Originally Posted by ricksmaile View Post
    have you disabled the mobile site or is it my blackberry playing up?
    Not working for me either - on blackberry as well
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stringer View Post
    Not working for me either - on blackberry as well
    seems fine on htc and android, must be crackberry issuses
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    I hadn't turned it off, but I have just now! Clearly there are issues with it still so I think we'll park it until they've come up with a few bug fixes!


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    Have you looked into Tapatalk Alex?
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    Not in any great detail at the moment. The trouble is that vBulletin 4 is still under such heavy development (new releases every 3 to 4 weeks) the more 3rd party addons we use the more work it is to perform the upgrade because typically the changes they make to the core software breaks something in the addons. I'm therefore trying to make as much use of the core functionality and rely less on the third party addons, at least until development stabilises a bit.

    If I get time I might try tapatalk on the test server and see if it works ok with all our other customisations...

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    From an Android HTC does it auto detect and run on the mobile site as mine seems to be the full site?

    I would say that the majority of other forums that I have tapatalk for use vBulletin. Tapatalk is so much quicker for mobile forum use!
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