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Thread: Lisenfeld Spezial 6x42

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    Lisenfeld Spezial 6x42

    I recently bought a Lisenfeld Spezial 6x42 to go on my LR but if I'm honest I was a bit rash. It would really be more suited for a deer or foxing rifle as the crosshairs are a bit thick for 60-80 yard bunnies, it's a German #4 reticle. It's a great scope and although the tube looks it's age the glass is still fine and clear.

    Ideally I'd like a swap (with cash either way if necessary) for something similar but with a finer crosshair (prefer duplex but would consider mildot). I'd prefer fixed mag (6x) but would consider a variable or I'd sell the scope on it's own for 120 posted - this would include a pair of steel scope rings (think they're Warne) for weaver rail/bases.
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