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Thread: Yorks meet tonight < are you coming ?

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    Yorks meet tonight < are you coming ?

    Come on Bucklles inn York , 7.30 tonight , couple of beers & a chinwag , see you there !!

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    i will be there see you later wayne

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    I'm away tomorrow morning rodge down to norfolk, so don't think I'll get there.
    I am also out this evening with a client and am now not getting in till 6.30-40 so would be tight.
    Have a good night, regards John

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    Stuck on a rig in the middle of the north sea (its snowing!), so will not be there, have a good night.

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    sorry guys, having to work over,which means i would not be back till late.
    Still have rounds to make for tomorrows stalking

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    Alright chaps. I keep meaning to come to one of these meet ups but have been a bit on the busy side. Anything lined up for the near future?


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    Hi Steve ,

    I'll try & sort something out soon & give people a bit more notice this time

    Hope you'll make the next on .



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    Sounds good, cheers Rodge.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Treacle Trackpad View Post
    Sounds good, cheers Rodge.
    steve , one sorted for beginning of June see the recent thread , hope to see you there .

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