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Thread: New scope wanted - Any RFD with good finance deal on offer ?

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    New scope wanted - Any RFD with good finance deal on offer ?

    Greetings all, time for a new that Uttings and Sportsman no longer offer finance anyone know of a dealer who may let me tick up either a Leupold or Swarovski ?

    Any help as ever much appreciated

    Cheers - Angus

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    Alright angus, i bet nik doenae ken about this new scope, better make sure same colour as old one she'll never ken the difference

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    What size scope are you looking for?
    As hunting scopes you could have a look at Kaps, good German optics but a bit better priced.
    My good friend who normally uses Swaro or Schmidt is using mine for a try 2.5-10x50 illuminated.
    It seems kinder on the eye that my S&B Zenith.

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    How about taking out a credit card with introductory 0% interest and swapping the balance when the free period runs out. Totally free credit with just a little hassle.

    Eg 13 months @ 0% and 500 clubcard points

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