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Thread: Trouble with mounts... Help please

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    Trouble with mounts... Help please

    Hi, i'v just bought a Bushnell rangefinding scope but i can't mount it to my Tikka T3. The scope does not use standard rings, it has a weaver rail on the bottom of it. One side of the mounts grip the rail of the scope and the other grips the the rail of the rifle. The trouble is the rail on my Tikka is narrower than that of which the mounts are ment to grip so they wont work. Anyone know if i can get a simmillar style of mounts but ones which will fit a Tikka? Cheers

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    your Tikka should have standard 3/8" "weaver" dovetail in the top of the receiver. It is usually only rimfires that have 9-11mm dovetail grooves.
    Sounds like your mounts are designed for a larger spec picatinny rail.
    doesnt look like Bushnell do them as a seperate item although their website is pants!

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    I'm having the same problem with my new red dot sight. The Tikka I own has a 16mm wide dovetail groove, the sight needs a 20mm dovetail. Still trying to source a converter to bolt or clamp onto my rifle. Will let you know if I find one.



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    Yup mine is 16mm and needs to be a 20mm to make it work. Been doing a bit of shopping around this afternoon and i ended up ordering a 20mm weaver rail which bolts on to the reciever with them 4 small screws which arn't used for anything, hopefully this will work. Macloeds of Tain has them aint cheep though, 80 a shot but it is an orriginal Sako part and stainless too. I seen some alluminium ones online for 65 but reckon they'd be too soft.

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    Too little too late I'm afraid Hoy Boy.
    Just got a link from Yorkshire roe stalking. Burris do a steel converter plate for about 25.00 delivered. Sorry to break it to you, be a bit more patient next time.


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    I have a Roedale stainless picatinny rail on my T3 lite, I think they are around 100,-
    If you are really stuck I could sell it seperate as I'm selling the rifle anyway.


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