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    new members

    just lately
    i hav noticed a lot more new members with certain letters after thier name or even before
    like WHVsteve and AJWH
    i can assume from this that steve has a wire haired visla and AJ has a wire hair (pointer possibly)
    i know you lads are looking through the site but while your doing it maybe you could post a little on the dog section as this is a part of the site you may well feature a lot of in the future
    and if i am right in my thinking especialy you steve
    are you the steve that is a guest on my dog day ?
    if so, let me know , as i hav info that you will need

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    that's just my initials mate, i do have a dog but she's a terrier and only good for ratting.. if that

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    sorry alex
    just trying to drum up more trade for the dog section
    but it has got you posting tho right
    nice to meet you hope you enjoy the site as much as we all do maybe learn a little aswell
    ps WHVsteve you should hav pm in a minute

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    lol it has indeed.
    same to you, and im learning already just thumbing through posts

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