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Thread: reloading 223

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    reloading 223

    hi chaps does anyone have a good load for 55 grn v max or nosler b,tip , i have tikka 3 1 in 8 twist barrel / thanks

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    I use 25grns of hogden varget with 55grn noslers but mines 1in12
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    I use 24.4gr N133 with a Serria Gameking 55gr Spitzer boat tail which is very accurate - my rifle has a 20" barrel with a 1 in 12 twist so may not work so well in your Tikka but may be worth a try!!

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    have you tryed any 55gr bullets in your rifle yet? the only reason i ask is because my 1 in 8 .223 doesnt shoot 55gr heads and i have to shoot a heavier head, hence i use 60gr v-max with 25gr of varget behind it. 60gr is as light as my rifle will shoot but they are very acurate and the trajectory isnt affected that much if at all so dont be affraid to try heavier heads if you have to

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    25 grains of Varget or Benchmark and you cannot go far wrong IMO

    I am on benchmark out an old M77 Ruger and can get really nice groups with 55gn Speer SP

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    Agree with Sir lamp alot. Mine is 1:8 and will not shoot anything lighter than 60grains. I use 26gns Varget with a 65grn V max, Lapua cases neck sized only. Very accurate load. You might find 75grn A max (moly coated) to be very good. Really 1:8 is designed for 69grns and above.

    Remember this is a rifle specific load so suggest start at 10% lower and work up.

    Also check your cases, as 26grn is getting mighty close to 100% case volume and even with Lapua cases of different batches some might be compresed, if you mix cases you will feel the compressed ones as you load and the COL will differ.


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    cyres that is spot on volume wise, a mate used to use 26grn in lapua cases and that was the max in them, I used 26.5 in norma brass and capacity was fine. That was a decent load with 55grn sierra blitzkings from a 1 in 9 barrel

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    I used to used 55 grain with varget in my .223 and was advised by aftab at reloading solutions to try 50 grain with benchmark..... its using 26.5 grains.

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    My old 55grn 223 load was 26.0 or 26.5 grn of varget with a Sierra Spitzer (1365)

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    yes thats a very good point , thank you for your advice

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