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Thread: Just seen.

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    Just seen.

    Been out tonight and seen my first clean roe buck.
    Obviously a mature 6 pointer a long symetrical head but not heavy. A pretty head.
    I tried to film him but the light was going quick and he was in cover.
    They were not "white" antler but lightly coloured.

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    You old tease.

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    Hi mate, no i was just curious as to when anybody else has seen a fully clean buck.
    This is the only one I have seen clean and ALL others are in full velvet.
    Anyway you like it when i tease. LOL

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    Was out observing last night, also seen a good mature buck with clean head.

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    When I saw the title of the thread, for a milisecond I thought you had seen the first Munty on your ground pal

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    Saw a Roe Buck yesterday afternoon that was about half clean. That's the best I have seen so far.

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    Seen one clean and a friend of mine seen one weeks back on the local golf coarse he manages

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    all mine are still in velvet that i know about. but i have'nt been out in a week, so ill keep my eyes peeled

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    Saw one of my better bucks 6 days ago and he was nearly clean,two days before that i saw my best buck and he was still in full vevet.

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    saw 2 bucks yesterday the older buck was clean ,the young one had just started to rub .so i shot his girlfriend..roll on april

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