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Thread: stalking books

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    stalking books

    hi, is there any good books out there for deer stalking beginers. many thanks stav

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    Hi Stav,

    There have been quite a few threads like this one in recent months so a if you try a few searches you should see even more help on here for finding the right pair of stalking boots. I have a pair of Beretta Ferret boots and they seem ideal for my type of stalking. Mainly Yorkshire woodland in all seasons and a couple of weeks in the highlands during the winter when I just slip on a pair of warmer socks. I did have to do that in the -13C we had in these parts pre Christmas this year though!

    I think it's the same with a lot of things; if you can afford to spend a bit more - do. It'll be worth it.


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    I thought this was a good read-


    Graham Downing did a presentation at Sparsholt when I did my L1 there in 2008, nice bloke.

    Good Luck

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    Quote Originally Posted by stav View Post
    hi, is there any good books out there for deer stalking beginers. many thanks stav
    I see you are after stalking BOOKS and not boots! There are lots of good books, some new and some old. Try whiteheads book or one of Priors. A quick search on internet will produce what you are after.

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    lol yeah BOOKS not boots. thought i,d wrote it wrong when i read 1st few replys.stav

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    I got deer stalking by lewis potter,the roe deer by richard prior and woodland stalking by peter carne all from amazon at great prices and all good reads,also got sporting rifles by bruce potts which is also a good book.

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    Try this one

    A fantastic book for all levels including beginners.

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    Heres a couple worth a look

    deer stalking and management by Lewis potter
    practical woodland stalking by Graham downing

    both packed full of useful information for the beginner,they are also a very good read for the more experienced

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    +1 Roe Deer : Management and Stalking (Richard Prior).

    Practical Woodland Stalking. (Graham Downing).

    2 must have's, great reading.

    Rgds, Buck.
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