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Thread: Hello from Preston

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    Hello from Preston

    I've just stumbled across this thread, it looks really interesting. I've been interested in hunting most of my life. First with lurchers, but for the past 15years i have been into falconry. I've recently been out stalking with a friend and i shot my first roe buck last year. I also go out shooting and beating with my 2 wire haired vizsla's.
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    Welcome to the site. Great looking dogs and well done on your first Roe buck.
    You should enjoy this forum if your into stalking. The guys on here are very Knowledgeable and if you have any questions do not hesitate to ask.
    Look forward to seeing more posts from you.

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    Hi Looks like you had a good day
    Tidy Rifle ,what is it

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    Welcome to the site Cairnsy! Fine looking Vislas, I'm very jealous. I've wanted a Wire Haired Visla for ages but senior management has me restricted to only two dogs and those posts are currently filled by my two spaniels!

    Where abous do you do your falconry? Near Preston? I've always wanted to see Falcons and dogs working for real, not like the displays at the country fairs!!

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    Alright mate, the gun is a sako 85. It belongs to a mate of mine, i don't own a own a rifle at the min, only own a shot gun. I am seriously thinking about getting myself one though because i really enjoyed going stalking.

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    Alright mate, i've done my falconry in Preston and in different parts of the country on invites with friends. My sons is at present training to be a gamekeeper, he works on a large shoot in Lancashire and i mainly go beating on there with my viszla's. I do a bit of pidgeon shooting and flighting too. I used to own a Britney, she was a really good worker, but i've found the vizsla's to have a better temperment and they're always much more eager to please. I'm going to put some pics on off mine and some of my friends birds. I notice you're from lancashire so if you ever fancy a day out out next season with a few hawks i can arrange that for u no problem?

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    I live just outside Preston and beat on a Shoot near Treales. Beating is always a great day out with the dogs!

    I might well take you up on that offer next season.

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    Preston what a rough place that is never thought of it as a place for deer stalkers but hey i have known a few that came from there or there abouts my thoughts on this thread go out to Ged and his Wirevizslas. Nice to see you all on the site.

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    ow doo,
    nice looking dogs


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