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Thread: an old blaser website - some good stuff on the r93

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    an old blaser website - some good stuff on the r93

    just incase you wondered what all the fuss was about!

    With the R 93,
    Blaser successfully combines safety,
    speed, precision, strength,
    compact design
    and superior manageability -
    the most sought-after characteristics by experienced hunters.

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    I take it you like Blasers Gary. Me too perhaps we should have a Blaser page. Where we can swop and sell bits?

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    I too have a Blaser with .243 & .308 barrels.
    My name is Geoshot (well, on this forum anyway) and I am a Blaser fan.
    However, I have just left the 6.5 x 55 thread and expect the same here, ie, many pages of more heat than light.

    Thanks for the link though Gary
    I love to read about Blasers!

    Geoshot - pulling on the hard hart............

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