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Thread: Bedfordshire Hertforshire Firarms Lic Unit

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    Bedfordshire Hertforshire Firarms Lic Unit

    Anyone have any info re above? Good to deal with etc? Renewal notice already asks for more info than the form!

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    I used to be in Beds a few years ago before I moved to Northants. At the time my FEO was fine and the dept as a whole were pretty good. It was run by a lady based at Bedford Police HQ in Kempston with no firearms experience before she got the job but she had a good team working for her. Mt FEO was an experienced shot who covered the south of the county, Luton, Dunstable, Leighton etc.


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    no problems from Herts here, always been reasonable conditions usually fairly sensible etc. They have supposedly recently merged with Bedfordshire who are pretty similar from People I know there. You get different answers from different FEO's so as ever it can be clear as mud. Always used to class foxes as vermin so no issues with the HMR or LR but I have heard someone being told different.
    Conditions seem to be listed separately to the calibers you have so all my guns are covered for "pest control" and indeed doesn't specify which ones for deer. They have usually done renewals before they ran out though have advised getting everything in as quickly as possible to help them out. Had variations back within the week and last renewal I had the tickets 2 weeks before they ran out so overall not bad

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