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Thread: Colour varaition

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    Colour varaition

    whats the difference between skewbald and piebald?


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    In horses and ponies

    skewbald: brown and white

    piebald : black and white


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    cheers for the reply

    does that mean it is not the same with deer?
    and does that mean a piebald deer would show mixture of melanism and albinism?
    (sorry for all the questions)

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    contradiction in terms, melanistic: black colour or almost so

    albinism : lack of colour or almost so

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    oh right, interesting!

    thanks mate i've been wondering for a while now

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    Extremely rare white Roe Doe.[recycled picture hence poor quality.]

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    it can't be a roe it doesn't have two white spots on it's nose

    but seriously, thank for that i would love to see one.
    did you take it yourself?

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    No, it was taken by a stalker friend on his own area in Cumbria.


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