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Thread: Hello from Preston

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    Hello from Preston

    Hi, im from preston and have been shooting rifles for the past 6 years.
    Done bits of stalking, few reds and quite a few roe.
    Just started reloading, which im addicted to at the moment.
    Looking to start doing a lot more stalking hence joining here.
    Im just looking at doing level 1 at moment, seems you cant do anything without it.
    Im quite interested in sika as never had oppotunity yet.

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    welcome mate,
    i,m just up the road from you, 20 mins. i shoot the 25-06 cal also, reload all my own which gives me great acc. what heads/powder/charge you using? good luck with level 1, did mine with david stretton, he's good for that.. recomend him.


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    Been having a bit of a play the other day with some 75 vmax 45.4 grn IMR 4320 which shooting inch at 100yards. Im sure last time i tinkered with these they grouped better. Reason for 75vmax is just getting ready to send my 223 off to be rebarrelled to 204 ruger, and need a foxing round while she is away.
    And 117 hornady btsp 52.9 grn H4831sc they are shooting half inch. Where abouts you at

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    I shot 117spbt myself a yr back. Using 4831sc. Grouped 1/4 inch. Something changed all of a sudden cause I couldn't stick them in a 2 inch group. Nothing had changed in my set up so I'm baffled. I'm now using sgk 100g bt. Grouping like it's a target rifle. Near enough hole in hole. 4831 again. I'm in urmston so not too far from you.

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    Hi...from 20 mins south of you....enjoy!!


    Browning A-Bolt Medalion .243 Doctor Optics 8x56 T4 Mod
    CZ Varmint .17HMR + 6.5-20x56 + Wildcat Mod
    CZ American .22lr + 3-9x56 + Mod
    Baikal 12g single ejector

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    Another from Preston...........welcome!!

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