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Thread: Rabbit snaring in Scotland

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    Rabbit snaring in Scotland

    hi folks

    didnt know if this right area for this topic but "equipment & accessories " seems to be for rifles & ammo,

    im looking to increase my rabbit work or aid it by snaring not looking to fire out many many many wires just a handful and have a go.....

    i know the laws changed not far back and they now legally need stops

    where do you guys recommend to buy em from?

    and any links to youtube etc for tutorials????

    and any links to actual law in scotland now and whats required?


    sauer /paul

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    Try googling -
    Rabbit snaring for beginners and amateurs. Parts 1+2 by G.S. Waters. It`s the best you`ll get and it is available on DVD.

    If you can`t find it pm me and i`ll send it over in an email.

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    +1 for the Glen Waters DVD's, Glenn is your man for snaring.

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    thank you very much for all info

    trapworks looks like what im after and basil ive sent you pm regarding videos

    thanks again everyone

    much appreciated

    sauer /paul

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