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Thread: 110 grain Barnes TTSX in 308??

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    110 grain Barnes TTSX in 308??

    Has anyone tried the 110 grain Barnes TTSX in their 308? Barnes are claiming 3600fps or thereabouts and a quick poke at a ballistic calculator reveals that with a 250 yard zero this would be 1 inch high at 100, 2 inches high at 150 and just short of 3 inches low at 300.

    Now, I know that knowing the trajectory is better value for money than "flat shooting" wonder ammo but on the other hand range estimation can sometimes go a bit wrong. A friend and I took a look at a deer the other night that we both though was about 120 yards until I went to shoot it and looked through the scope and it didn't feel quite right, so I didn't shoot. I went back the next day and was down in the mouth as when i looked at it in daylight I was even more positive it was 120ish yards. The laser was of the view that it was 284 yards! Oops.

    Any idea how the 110 grain TTSX might perform on deer?

    This is mostly academic as I have a good 150 grain load with Hornady spire points and am working towards a load with 150 grain partitions as well but it is interesting to investigate these things with a view to future loads.

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    Having just read your interesting account of your outing after sika tonight.
    I would suggest staying away from both barnes and partitions.

    I was away this weekend shooting sika well trying to didnt get one

    Most of the guys shooting sika where I was used Ballistic tips and having a deer that took more than one step was the exception. I guy was using Barnes but regularly has to use his dog to find runners.

    The guys using .308 were all using 125grain ballistic tips.

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    I don't use these in .308 but do use 110 and 130 grain Barnes TTSX in my .270. as for the comment above regarding runners; I have found it to be quite the opposite.

    When we were out in Wicklow shooting Sika they were extremly effective, all shoulder shot animals did not go far; there certainly wasn't any runners. I have heart shot fallow in full rut that never took a step. I know some people don't like them and I have not tried the normal TSX bullets but, the ballistic tip version work very well for me.


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    Hmmm well the only reason I can think of for using a Barnes bullet is if .................................................. ............. if I cannot find any other bullet that will shoot with enough precision. Same goes for Partitions.

    So far I have never brought an Barnes bullets and hopefully never will meanwhile I did by accident when in a hurry ended up with a box of 6mm Partitions, they are gone down range now and waste of money and powder they were too.

    I rate both along with Weatherby's................................ vastly over rated and over priced.

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    Philip, you are over thinking this. I do not see the need for mono metal bullets on a 130lb deer.

    Sika need hit hard and put down on the spot if at all possible, no question of that. If I was shooting a 308, I would get some 150gr NBT's, pushed to around 2900fps. I would then be prepared to shoot Sika through the on shoulder if necessary, you will lose one shoulders meat, but so what?

    I have shot I think 4 sika and 2 fallow this year with 120gr NBT's from the 260m, these are killing deer very very well. The Sika were all down on the spot with pretty impressive chest damage. The 150gr 308 will be every bit, and more, effective.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    I've been using 120gr TTSX's in my 7mm-08 on roe; it's early days, but they've been effective so far. They cost a lot more than the Federal Fusion's I used previously, and I'm not convinced that performance or accuracy is that much greater. Wouldn't mind giving BT's a try, but haven't been able to find any yet....most dealers in my area offer a very limited choice (i.e. Fusion only) in this area.
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    I have used the 150 grain Fusion in 270 on a Roe Buck and yes it did it's job well. I shall be using them some more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Claret_Dabbler View Post
    Philip, you are over thinking this. I do not see the need for mono metal bullets on a 130lb deer.
    I know Brian, but on the other hand there is something new out there and I'm interested to see if it might work for me!

    My main concern about the Barnes is their reputation for bouncing about the countryside on exit, I don't know if there is any foundation in it but in our country it means they don't have a lot of appeal. My Hornady spire points are leaving a pretty big exit so I'm guessing they aren't travelling far once they exit and even if they do hit a stone or rock I'd doubt if they are going to bounce off it.

    On the other hand some people have a lot of success with the Barnes in terms of dropping deer in their tracks so it might make for a worthwhile experiment for me once I get the Partitions shooting. My plan is to use the Partitions for red stags this autumn if I get the chance and I might consider a decent sika stag this year as well.

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