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Thread: London meet (the return)

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    London meet (the return)


    Talking to Grandhubert this evening we thought it was time to try a London meet again.

    If any of the guys who work in London, or live in or around the town fancy a meet up, a few shandys and hours of tall tales then please add your views on location and agenda?

    The proposal is for a viewing at the Holts auction followed by a Thai curry around Hammersmith Tube

    So far:

    Grandhubert (Amir)
    Force 64
    Michael Clancy
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    Hi Hugh
    I was talking about this with Amir a couple of nights back, count me in.
    I live in Ealing and work in Central London so anywhere along the western bits of the Piccadilly, District or Central lines are easy for me.

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    Just seen this post!

    Splendid, count that man Boghossian in as well Hugh!

    I like the idea of a curry, I know a pub not too far from Hammersmith that has a decent Thai place built in to it.

    It's also rather near the Holt's viewing room, the next sale is on the 24th of March with viewing days for two days before.

    Just a thought but depending on what dates everyone is thinking of perhaps we could make a bit of evening of it?

    I'm sure I could persuade a couple of guys who know a thing or two about guns to come along as well.



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    That sounds a very good idea.

    I live near Gatwick and work in Victoria. Often have in car in Central London as well though.

    Please let me have further details when you know more.

    I quite often have a look in Holt's.


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    Count me in and keep me posted. Hope I won't be playing Nobby no Mates again though.

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    Count Michael Clancy in as well, deer-beer-curry is right up his street apparently

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    Quote Originally Posted by buckup View Post
    Count me in and keep me posted. Hope I won't be playing Nobby no Mates again though.

    I won't get clamped and towed in Peterborough this time I promise!

    But how the hell did you manage to miss Hugh?

    My apologies for that mate, this time the chips are on me!

    All night!

    (Whilst stocks last and not at the expense of the beer fund, terms and conditions apply omissions and errors excepted )

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    Quote Originally Posted by geoshot View Post
    Count Michael Clancy in as well, deer-beer-curry is right up his street apparently
    The count will be there?!


    I'll try and arrange for some handmaidens.

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    Right lads!

    What does the panel make of the plan so far?

    Thai and beer near Hammersmith tube station ( on the District line ) after a trip to the viewing at Holts.

    Depending on the date chosen I could possibly drag Dig Hadoke if anyone is interested in shotguns, particularly the vintage sort, and I'll be ( inevitably ) bringing along my multimedia presentation on last year's trip to SA.

    Doe that ok to people as it begins to tie us down to dates?

    Anyone interested but not sure if they can make it please post and let myself or Hugh know and we'll try and find the best date for everybody.



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    Sound like a plan- I'm in. Most days are good for me.


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