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    help ?

    hi my friend had the police round about his sons new firearms enquire now the lad is only 15 and been shooting with use for about 7 years he wanted to put in for a 22 a 243 and a 308 for target shooting with the raf the guy came yesterday and said no he could not have them with a big smug look on his face and his father explained the situation that for him to go out with us foxing and roe shooting he needed to have the 22 and at least the 243 he would not budge but finally gave him the 22 but would not give a reason for not giving a 243 or 308 he gave him 100 rounds to buy and 120 to hold ? now can any one tell me where to buy a box of twenty ? boxs of 50 only

    im not up to speed with the ins and out of firearms regs but i found this to be some what bazaar to say the least all the lad wants is to come and shoot some foxs and punch holes in paper any help would be greatly appreciated


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    If the FEO your friend had call round wouldn't give any reasons for refusal of the .243 & .308 then why not ask that the completed application for all of the firearms and ammunition be proceeded with by the police on the basis that it was originally made? At least he will then have any reasons for refusal in writing from the FLD and not an FEO who apparently is unwilling to discuss the matter.

    Sounds as if he has been fobbed off by the FEO who will now remove the 'offending' items from the application before it is processed. Get your friend to stick to his guns and ask for 'his' application to proceed, not the edited version. It is not up to the FEO to 'give' him certain firearms but not others - they can either approve or refuse an application, and if refused must give a reason that will stand up in court. The Firearms Act(s) and HO Guidance are quite clear on this in that a Chief Constable shall grant the issue of a firearms certificate unless issues of suitability, good reason or public safety preclude it.

    BASC have a Guidance Sheet on young people via this link:

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