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Thread: summer boots

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    summer boots

    I have a pair of mendl that I use all the time for fieldsports however I think they may be a bit warm for summer stalking. Any reccs for a reasonable lightweight pair of waterproof ish boots welcome


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    Any size on those boots and what type are they please.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by K333ROE View Post
    Any size on those boots and what type are they please.....
    I don't think these boots are for sale, I think the guy was just asking a question

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    I don't think these boots are for sale, I think the guy was just asking a question

    Oops, too keen for a pair..............thanks 177landy and sorry marrajack I was rushing to get in first...

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    could do you a good deal on a pair of chiuca with either normal laces or the boa fastner

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    Danner Jackals?
    The reason for the ? is that I'm unsure if they still make them.
    Picked mine up nice and cheap from TK MAxx, a tip from this site actually, but I haven't seen them advertised lately.
    Great boots, nice and light, don't make even my feet sweat (and my feet could sweat on ice, believe me), great feel through the soles.
    Not full on waterproof, but good enough for a wade through a stream or two.

    Quick edit
    They do make them but I'm unsure as to whether anyone in th UK distributes them

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    They now do a Danner Jackal II which looks very good!
    See here;
    I've got a friend bringing me some back from the states soon!

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    Cheers MS
    I'll look out for those this summer when I next visit the USA
    There's a couple of good outfitters where I'm headed I'm sure they'll stock them
    It's a torture to walk into somewhere with so many toys on show though, toys we can't even touch here.........

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    I bought a pair of Altama military Jungle Boots in 1998 from a US PX at Fort Bragg; I still have them, and I still wear them in the summer, they are excellent. I do use a trainer insole them for added comfort.
    The Bay of E has some or an army surplus; but make sure they are issue/mil spec.

    If you want UK version you can't get better than Altberg, they're probably better than the Altama - but mine haven't given up!
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    Hi Marrajack,

    have a look at Blackislanders, cant recommended them highly enough. I used them all winter in the field and think they will be ideal through the summer as well - not too heavy, waterproof and allows your feet to breathe. If you look around you can get them for about 160.


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