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Thread: Derick Fearn Gunsmith

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    Derick Fearn Gunsmith

    I have just been informed today that Derrick Fearn (Apologies if spelt wrong) has passed away.
    Finally after a long illness Derrick has been taken from his family and us and my condolences go out to his family and friends. He will be greatly missed.
    Derrick was the gunsmith at Catton Hall for many years and he was one of the countries best, if not the best. He loved stalking and loved talking about his outings. He persuaded me to buy a 7x57 as my first rifle and I never looked back. His knowledge was amazing.
    God be with you Derrick the.

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    I knew he had been ill for a long time, his shop was a thow back to a by gone age, but he seemed to know were everything was. So sorry to hear he has passed away.

    Rest in peace. My thought go to his friends and family.


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    What a lovely man he was - great skill modestly applied.
    My thoughts are with his son Paul and the rest of his family.
    The end of another era.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 243ack View Post
    What a lovely man he was - great skill modestly applied.
    My thoughts are with his son Paul and the rest of his family.
    The end of another era.
    He will be missed, he used to do a lot of work for the HBSA guys that shoot rook rifles. My own rook rifle has a barrel re-lined by Derek. RIP.
    You can't say muntjac without saying, Mmmmmm.

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    A fantastic Man with a vast amount of knowledge and always willing to help. I was introduced to rifles by Derek and have enjoyed a few trips to Scotland with him.
    He will be greatly missed off the estate A true gent and master at gun craft.
    Thoughts go out to His wife and 3 sons.

    R I P.

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    We seem to have a number of well known gentlemen of late who have passed on, and to hear of another is a tragic blow for his family, friends and the shooting/stalking world.

    Admin send their sincere condolences to all his family and friends, god bless.

    Admin team

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    I never got to meet this gentleman, but i heard lots about him. thoughts go out to the family.

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    The funeral for Derek has been arranged for 10.45 am at Croxal church on Thursday 3rd march. Then after at Catton Hall. It is only a small church but all are welcome to give him a good send off. please arrive in plenty of time as there is a short walk to the church from the parking area.

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    Derek was quite simply a true gentleman, as others have said he was always happy to give you help and guidance, he would put himself out to deal with a problem often without any thought of cost or time involved. His custom rifles were works of art, He will be sorely missed.

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