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    hi lads could soon be in the market for a nice 25/06. anyone got one for sale or know where there is one.

    looking for a tikka m690 if poss righthand bolt but ambi stock. as im lefthanded and my dad who will be sharing the rifle is righthanded.

    sako 75 would be nice but the stock isnt lefthand friendly

    what have you guys got. only really need rifle and mounts but might take a set up with a nice s&b scope or zeiss on top

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    I appreciate your problem but the Sako75 and Tikka M690 have the same 'Monte Carlo' stock. They are flat-sided ... err, slightly convex faced.... on the other side to the cheekpiece. Take a look at Guntrader.

    The M690 Deluxe will not do as it has a rollover cheekpiece, so you face a nasty ridge when you turn the other cheek.

    I do know someone who has a RH Sako 75 synthetic stainless in .25/06 who is thinking of selling. If you are interested PM me, and I'll see what's what.

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    I thinkt the old 25-06 is gaining in popularity again.

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    hi mate the stock i see on a m690 25/06 for sale. and it had the same stock as i have on my 222 m595 its ambi and the pistol grip is ambi as well. i no the delux has the cheek peice on it. but this was a standard stock

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    Mate ~I am left handed and shoot right handed and my son is righthanded.

    Look nearer Ruger and mannlicher and no deluxe models. One of the only rifles I cannot get on with is Tikka and therefore Sako as they are very right handed.

    I have ruger M77, CZ american 22LR and Sauer 220 outback all non cheekpiece and shootable.,

    Hope this helps.

    PS dont dismiss the Ruger I did for years and regret it now.

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    Just put a 25-06 slot on my ticket also, so I am also on the sniff....

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    I just got a 25 06 barrel for my r93, best rifle in the ultimate calibre.

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    i could prob get a r93 of some sort if i sold the rpa on etc. but i want to keep hold of my 22/250. when your looking there never seams to be as many rifles about
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