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Thread: Does anyone else use a Savage 110 in .243?

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    Does anyone else use a Savage 110 in .243?

    I have been observing this forum for a little while, this is my first .243 and to be fair it's a reliable beast, bought it second hand nearly a year ago and it's not bad at all. Will be upgrading my scope on it soon when I can afford to. Would be interested to hear if there are any other users out there of the Savage 110? (touch wood) it's not let me down yet!

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    I've a model 10 in .243 and a 22.250 barrel.

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    Smile 6mmBR

    got a later Savage, in 6mmBR, single shot right hand bolt,left hand port.
    What a superb bit of kit!!! its so accurate,and very easy to shoot well with.
    So impressed guna get a FTR in 6.5-284,unbeatable at the money,

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    A colleague has one also in 243 that he uses for Roe - loves it. He was looking a left handed Tikka, but Gregor McLeod recommended the Savage instead as left handed 595's in 243 are as rare as rocking horse poo.

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    Thanks all, yes I'm pleased with it when I put a Zeiss Duralyt on it the combo should do the job for a while I think.

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