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Thread: Friendships forged through SD

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    Friendships forged through SD

    I wonder how many stalkers on here have formed friendships unlikely or impossible without SD. Three years ago I signed up for DMQ level two. My stalking comes through a SD contact though I did meet widows son on SGA forum. I have now two of my three stalks done through SD contacts. The first was done through Gazza a level two credible witness, the second through 6Pointer, an AW. Both supplied the ground to increase my chances of success. One to go now to complete the book. Gazza knew I needed to rezero the .243 after fitting the new sound moderator. Today he phoned and invited me to another of his grounds to set the rifle while he checked his. I enjoy their company. Frank (central belt stalker) fitted my alarm system after a spate of local burgularies. We conversed on here a few times before the penny dropped. Through the site I have met several others and found the common interests refreshing. I have met many of them elsewhere such as Best Practice days but in the end those meetings would be ships passing in the night. SD has a lot going for it. Let's not spoil it, There is a lonely world out there if the contact forums are lost.

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    I'll be honest with you here
    not just with the SD but also with other sites I am a member of
    the list of mates are to many to mention from whom I hav met over the tinternet
    christ the good we hav achevied is remarkable and the freindship bonds ,
    there are also a hardcore section of site members whom I speak with regulary on the phone aswell as the countless pm's , plus some of those I stalk with on a regular occasion, who I would not of met with out the interaction of the internet forums
    worse than that there are many more I have yet to get involved with as yet
    god help their soles

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    Jimbo i am touched you would mention me on your list. I think thats the first and only time some one has included me in there Friendshio list LOL Glad you enjoye our little trip to the shops

    What the ground looks like in the summer mate got to beat creeping about that plough with divers boots on

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    dont worry 6pointer i will bring back to earth, your not on my friendship list. ha ha nice picture i may learn from that


    your right some good friendships have been made from here.
    I met some good people from here at the D&G meeting, Kevin Calmac Rangemaster cadex stu etc etc to name a few
    I also had what i still call today a pleasure to endure the company of six site members at the Sd2010 week including our welsh activist Mike (cant forget him top chap).
    Not to forget those at the big house with malc, thanks lads for everything wadas alex pheasant sniper tikia.308 and so on.
    Thanks too to John for his time patience and one stag lol.

    atb to you all frank
    Last edited by centralbeltstalker; 25-02-2011 at 14:12. Reason: knuckles been slapped

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    PS Frank is it a safe shot or do you think i was wise to leave tht one lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 6pointer View Post
    PS Frank is it a safe shot or do you think i was wise to leave tht one lol.

    no comment as may be used against me later

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    Never mate jim will tell you i am a pussy cat but i will bet his legs were falling off ha ha Hes a top bloke jim might take him up soe of my higher ground for a jog. Your turn next Frank tin hat required.

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    Good to be of assistance Jim but hey did you have to class me in with 6pointer and Centralbeltstalker HA Ha I've got a reputation to maintain. Hope you only got an alarm of Frank, going by his photos any CCTV installed by him just might be lacking.

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    i have made many friends off this site and they are dotted about all over the country, even you frank as i noticed you forgot to mention me on your list . i even get abusive text messages sent to the land line from one site member/mate, i wont mention any names but hes way up in the highlands. he gets the phone numbers mixed up . when i first joined the site i hadnt even shot a wild deer and with the help of members off here i have learnt alot, i have now registered to do my level 2 . its the help from members on this site that make it the best. well done and long may friendships contine building.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gazza View Post
    Hope you only got an alarm of Frank, going by his photos any CCTV installed by him just might be lacking.
    Taking piss continues

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