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Thread: Christchurch NZ

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    Christchurch NZ

    My thoughts go out to our NZ friends in Christchurch, having spent a bit of time there I feel for those you have lost family.


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    Thoughts go out to all those involved


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    We hav desperately trying to contact some very close freinds in Christchurch this last few days
    as of yet no joy
    thoughts are with them and hoping all of them are ok

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    Yes Stone
    i to am thinking of them and i hope all is ok
    if you hear please let me know
    thinking of all out there and pray for all of them

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    Half a world away, but it still seems very close to home. God bless them all.

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    I have a mate over on a Tahr hunt, so fortunately he was out of harms way when disaster struck. Thoughts with the families of those affected.

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