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Thread: First High Seat

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    First High Seat

    My uncles farm requires a high seat for use of a .243, therefore over the last couple of days my younger brother and I decided to go about building one. We made it from different pieces of wood from around the farm. It was reasonably straight forward to build and is now pretty heavy but sturdy. There are a few finishing things to be done but as far as for the first time im pleased with how its gone.
    Chears Adam
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    Nice one Adam, you will have to post pics of its final position and the first cull taken.

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    Looking good so far, but you'll probably need a rail to rest your feet on!

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    Nice one!, my only criticism would be you have to lean out to get into the seat. If you put the ladder at the rear this would solve your problem, it would also give you a foot rest. Well done, hope you shoot a few from it!

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    What will you be sitting on?
    "It's halfway down the hill, directly below that tree next to a rock that looks like a bell-end"

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    Work looks good but like the rest i think your design needs a major rethink

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    Your shooting rail wants to be against the tree and you want to be facing out of where that ply wood is then your ladder becomes a foot rest , but its alright for a start aint it

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    I agree with all the comments and I will take them on board for the re designing. I Will get my father to help re design it and get it all sorted, then hopefully with some work it will be ready to use.
    Thanks again Adam

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    Well done Adam. That puts some of my efforts to shame!



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    Thank you, yeah its only for light use around the family farm so me and my 14 year old old brother decided to use scrap wood thats been left around, but we will no what to do for next time.
    Chear Adam

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