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    Thanks for the help in advance. As you may know, I am planning a trip to England in a year or so. I have been given some great info and have narrowed it down, somewhat. I'm still trying to sort out some things. At this time I would like to shoot a couple of nice, but non medal Roe and spend the rest of the time hunting Muntjac, because they seem to be available and cheap/free. Any other deer would be a bonus. I am planning on hunting with at least two different stalkers so I can get different experiences. I have heard that Roe is very good in August, but I guess Muntjac is not? Is there a time that one can hunt both fairly successfully? Also, I have a question on the wording of an ad. "Clients are limited to one Roebuck per outing with unlimited Muntjac.........trophy fees are negotiable." Does that mean that one can shoot a non-trophy(cull) for free and that trophy, medal, Roe are charged for? Or does that mean that one can shoot one Roe and will be charged according to size? thanks, capt david

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    It means that one roe is included in the price of the stalk, but if you wish to shoot a trophy buck it'll cost 'ya

    Muntjac don't have a season here, so you can stalk both no problem.
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    The main difficulty with Muntjac in the summer is that the vegetation is very high, and the Munties are small and can be hard to see, nothing more sinister than that.

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