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Thread: stalked whilst stalking.

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    stalked whilst stalking.

    Just thought I would share this little episode with you .
    Having glassed four Roe in a field ,I decided to try and stalk along the hedge and get in a bit closer, There were two bucks in velvet and the does laying down about 150 m out into the field , as I was creeping across an open bit of ground ,keeping as low as possible , I heard a helicopter , not unusual in itself in this area.
    Over the rise appeared two Apache's in all their glory ,after passing overheard they then turned back around and made several high speed passes whilst twisting and turning ,until the roe had decided they had seen enough and ran to cover ...cheers boys.

    To be honest though I wasn't fussed about the deer as they will keep and its the first time I had even seen the Apache in the flesh , and boy are they dark and mysterious and also quite intimidating to have them buzzing around you .

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    Now that would have been fun to see Brough.
    Where the Apaches loud.
    Thats 80 million or so of our money there you know each (before armaments etc taken into consideration)
    As you say worth missing out on the deer for today to see that.

    atb for next time out f.

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    Nothing is worse than having an itch you can never scratch

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    You glassed four roe in a field where I come from that only happens in pubs!..and usually not to roe...

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    Over the rise appeared two Apache's in all their glory
    And I thought the injuns had arrived, whoooooo whoooo

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    They are a dominant aircraft, look the dogs especially when kitted out in their "Full Glory".
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    Ditto. I had the Dutch Air Force provide four as top cover for work in Iraq - they are indeed the dogs danglies.
    "There comes in the dead of night a hand of cold steel that plucks the German sentries from their posts"
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    They are Impressive, I Live near Middle Wallop and see them all the time

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    I see a lot of Apache's around my land but far more COWBOY'S with running dog's

    Must have been a good sight, the only thing i see a lot is the police helicopter

    Your a long time dead, enjoy every day like it's your last!!!

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    Salisbury plain isn't so far as the crow or Apache flies I was describing the said aircraft to my 16 year old lad who as most lads of that age know absolutely everything about everything, said it was a longbow variant , oh ok said I and then he continued to say that the pod on top of the rotors was a radar and this was the longbow , I am quite impressed at this point so he continues , saying that only about one in four of the American Apache's are the long bow because as they are usually seen in numbers that it wasn't neccessary for them all to have this longbow radar apparently , however all of the British Apache's are the longbow type. With that he then walks off leaving me gob smacked ...perhaps Ive been wrong and he really does know every thing... or is it a wind up .

    Since the episode I have had a quick google and they really are quite something,

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