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Thread: Syndicate places in the south, Hants, Wilts, Dorset, Sussex, Berks,

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    Syndicate places in the south, Hants, Wilts, Dorset, Sussex, Berks,

    Hi guys,

    I am looking for a place on a syndicate anywhere in the above areas or anywhere near by if you have any suggestions as I am willing to travel.

    I have been stalking since I was 13 and have all the appropriate insurance, open ticket, game handling certificates, DSC1 etc.

    Not worried about any large heads or trophys etc, just want some cull stalking. Preferably fallow and muntjac, although I realise that these areas are also full of roe which I dont mind.

    Any help would be much appricated,
    ATB, Phil.

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    When you find some and they have two spaces give me a shout would ya?



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    Will do RF.

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    Come on guys!!!

    Someone on here must know of an existing syndicate that would be worth a call!!!

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    Hi Phil,
    I have over fifty years experience of Deer Stalking, hold all the 'bits of paper' relevant to every course provided for Stalkers, hold the 'Trained hunters Certificate' and am an AW and have let it be known extensively, if not world wide, that I am looking to join a syndicate also, but with no luck.
    If you are lucky enough to find somewhere and there are vacancies, as 'Rangefinder' says, please give me a shout as well.
    I'm getting on a bit so it won't be long before it is too late

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    Witha ll that experience and qualifications why dont you form a syndicate and apply for an FC lease, gotta be better than nothing if you get one. Syndicate places, especially in the areas your after, are like unicorn s**t and in my limited experience tend to get offered amongst friends and aquaintences first. I think its a huge leap of faith getting involved in syndicates with ppl you dont know.

    Good luck with your search

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    To get an FC lease anywhere near here is like looking for hens teeth and to take one further afield would cost the lease fee again in fuel.
    Unfortunately when I moved into Wiltshire and had 'work related' stalking on my door step I let the other areas in Somerset and Dorset go and when retirement came the local stalking went too.
    Now that I am retired I am really just looking for somewhere that I can go now and again when I get fed up staring at four walls or an excuse to get out of gardening duties

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    Hi Chaps,

    Try LWCDart from here he has a syndicate near the Forest. Not sure if he has any places but he did about a year ago.

    Try his website NEWHOUSE GAME



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    It was last year his last one went.
    I missed it by a few days. Lee has my details and has promised me the next vacancy.

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    Thanks for that Rob,

    Always worth a call! you never know.

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