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Thread: absolutely ashamed of myself! !

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    absolutely ashamed of myself! !

    out yesterday for a evening stalk with my mate on a parcel of the estate we dont venture onto very much mainly as the fallow dont frequent it much ,but you gotta have a look and you do get muntys there so off we went . i stalked for an hour or so and arrived at my seat by 4.45pm .the rabbits started to come out ,pigeons went to roost and i sat in anticipation . a munty graced me with a brief glimpse but nothing offered a shot hey ho .i left the seat and slowly made my way back to the gate leading to the wood awaiting my lift .i heard my mates 7x64 bark and knew he would be a while getting to me so i sat next to the gate and chilled . as i sat there i heard someone walking the footpath some 50 yrds away bear in mind it was 6.15 pm and dark by then i just stayed put and let them walk by . no such luck the walker and dog made right for me and my private wood, she was 10 ft away then she saw me and nearly sh:te her knickers , i said sorry and she asked what i was doing i replied deer stalking and she was not impressed . i should be ashamed of myself and she hoped i choked on my non exsistant deer . i really wanted to give her a huge gob full pardon the pun but bid her good evening and off she went down the footpath into the night no torch or any light . it seemed pretty silly out that time of night to me but she thought i was a nutter too so my mate picked me up and he got a munty so alls well that ends well as they say .

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    NORMA Why not try a differnt approach it works for me i had a horsey woman come up to me in a merc jeep and was giving it what you doing i asked her the same she said she was going horse rideing and i just said i am out deer stalking .She was not impressed at all and said so in a sturn voice .I then said to her that if i hand known horse riding could give you a figuer like hers then i will book my wife on a coarse. I also comment on how luckie the horse was to have an owner like her . she smiled a wee grin called me a cheeky bugger and said by this time in a very nice flirty voice she hoped that all the deer had ran away by now. Good job she didnt notice the roe that was on my back in the Harkila sack and when she went a way i was delighted to get it on the f ecking ground.

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    You never quite know how the public will respond, particularly when you catch them unawares.

    If I see someone coming I either make myself scarce or - if unavoidable - take off my camo hat and gloves, make sure the rifle is tucked firmly over my shoulder and greet them with as cheery "hello" as I can manage. If they ask what I'm doing I say "managing the deer, they are causing quite a lot of damage in this wood". If they tell me they don't know how I can shoot Bambi I tell them that it's a necessary evil, that everything I shoot goes into the food chain and that I try to operate at times that won't inconvenience the public. I then tell them that more deer are probably killed by cars, loose dogs, harvesting, etc. It doesn't always work, but when I've mentioned putting deer into the food chain I've been asked whether I could get them some venison and others who have told me "yes, there are a lot of deer - you ought to go here, here and here"

    There's one guy I meet who regularly walks his golden retriever early in the morning in one of the woods where I stalk. The last time I was there he looked for me in the high seat and, when he saw me, gave me a wave!

    I'm not saying we should be apologetic about our sport, but if you present things in a logical way then it's surprising just how approachable people can be.

    O wad some Power the giftie gie us to see oursels as ithers see us!

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    hi norma we get a lot of walkers on our ground in slaley and i always tell them im controlling foxs on the ground
    atb tom

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    Whilst shooting in Oxfordshire from a nice high seat, I noticed a yellow lab running towards me. It was followed by the owner, a formidable looking lady who was well off the footpath. Neither saw me and I was quite surprised when 15 metres from the high seat she dropped the trousers and started her water flow. Obviously when I said hello in my loudest voice her concentration on the task in hand was lost! Trousers looking a bit damp she marched off with the shout of 'w**ker in my direction. I think you got off lightly.

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    The vast majority of folks in my part of the world, wandering about with their Dogs, on Horses, being romantic, etc etc can be a total pain in the Ar*e. but that don't matter - - most are very nice people - -in a way many of them are as much Guardians of my woods as I am. As long as their dogs are under a modicum of control I'm happy to meet them. Sometimes they do give me problems when out Stalking with clients, but in the great scheme of things, most times, - - it is no big hassle.
    Live and let live .


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    Hmm - - I think this " obviously" is a bit much. If you were any sort of Gentleman you would have coughed gently into your handkerchief when she had totally dried herself with the Dockan leaves. - - and even then, beforehand,I would have ensured that one's mobile phone had taken a good piece of harmless film for YouTube !


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    Quote Originally Posted by JRoe View Post
    Hmm - - I think this " obviously" is a bit much. If you were any sort of Gentleman you would have coughed gently into your handkerchief when she had totally dried herself with the Dockan leaves. - - and even then, beforehand,I would have ensured that one's mobile phone had taken a good piece of harmless film for YouTube !


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    Quote Originally Posted by widows son View Post
    Well done that man .
    She now has opened the gob looking for reaction and never received any always the best way ,she has walked away with a frustration having not created a reaction from yourself .
    Always the best way .
    Well said Bob, avoid confrontation, but if you must keep it civil.

    Rgds, Buck.
    "let him without sin cast the first stone"

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    I've found in the past that getting the justification in first is the key - its all in the way you say it:

    "the landowner/forester has been having some trouble with deer browsing the young trees, so he's asked me to reduce the population a little..."

    you successfully close off the conversation by showing you have rationale behind what you're doing, so the "emotional reaction" is suppressed by "reason"

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