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Thread: Modirators/silencers?

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    As you may or may not know Modirators/silencers are severely restricted in the US and illegal for game animals. Although I'm not so sure that the restrictions are much harder than owing your first gun in the UK. It appears to me that they are common in the UK. I assume because of hunting in the proximity of so many people? I'm just curious. What percentage of 'deer rifles' are moderarted in the UK? Thanks, capt david

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    I would guess 50/50 or possibly more !!!!

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    Captdavid, I think the use of moderators became more commonly accepted when our Government Forestry agency (The Forestry Commission) insisted that their employess had to use them on "Health & Safety" grounds. Then people taking out clients stalking, and who did not want their hearing damaged, started asking their clients to use moderators too.

    In this country we tend to do a lot of foxing at night and the use of moderators can help to stop complaints from local householders.

    I have two rifles with moderators and one without. The one without handles much better than the other two.

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    Hi captdavid,
    I have 3 centrefire rifles, one rimfire and an air rifle, all with their own moderators.
    That's probably more typical than not these days.

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    There are two rifles in my gallery, and apart from being fired at the proof house, they haven't been fired without moderators.

    Regards JCS

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    would you believe there are some people who even use muzzle brakes as well? Click image for larger version. 

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    Hello Capt David -- - In the UK, nowadays, the majority of people who have a Firearm Certificate seem to have a Moderator on their Licence. The authorities here were very much against it at one time - - poaching etc - - but once Health and Safety came to prominence they seem now to be freely allowed. As far as yourselves in the US of A are concerned maybe your regulations have a bit to do with the fact that for Health and Safety reasons it is a good idea if you guys can actually hear each other. !


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    Quote Originally Posted by JRoe View Post
    .....maybe your regulations have a bit to do with the fact that for Health and Safety reasons it is a good idea if you guys can actually hear each other. !

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    As flytie said it is a health and safety issue brought forward by the FC. I would say the majority of people use one now.
    I`m sure you are probably aware of this ,but you cannot get rid of the supersonic crack with a moderator,[my 308 sounds like a .222].The bonus is no recoil and hopefully better accuracy. Have found that the biggest bonus is the reduction in disturbance on the ground.

    Cheers Hummel

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    The world is a strange place when you can buy a gun in a supermarket, while we have to spend months or years doing paperwork to get one, but you can't buy a metal tube designed to protect your hearing without doing paperwork and you can't hunt with it.

    Gun owners in the US should lobby to have moderators made legal for hunting on health and safety terms. I mean the demands of some nutters in relation to the health and safety oif a bird seems to have made lead bullets illegal in some areas and I would assert that human safety must come several steps up the ladder than some stupid bird.

    My local firearms licensing people were unwilling to give me a moderator for use while target shooting - that is to say they would allow me to use it while hunting but not at the range - on the basis that I would wear hearing protection at the range. They started to argue decibels and the like and, well, that didn't go well for them. They gave me to believe that I'm the only person in my area who can use a moderator for target shooting. So how mad is it that they deny access to an item of Health and Safety equipment to target shooters while hunters can have it with no problems? They are seriously mixed up people and a lot of their "regulations" are merely made up so they can assert their authority, there is certainly no logical basis to it. It sounds like your moderator laws are similar.

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